Birth Wisdom
Discover Your Inner Wisdom for Having an Amazing Birth

Do you have concerns about your pregnancy, labor and postpartum period?

What is your biggest issue or concern? 

Have you been plagued by anxiety, stress or other health issues during your pregnancy?

What do you need to feel empowered and safe for your birth experience?

This class will help relieve your anxieties, health issues and lead you to an empowered birth experience.

Reiki Level I Attunement
How Can Reiki Help During Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum?

First, you will receive the Level 1 Attunement for Reiki.  Here you will learn how Reiki energy can prepare your body for birth and help with the issues common to pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period.  

You will learn protocols for numerous issues you may be experiencing during your pregnancy as well as the hand positions suitable for each issue.

Information for each trimester as well as labor and postpartum will be provided.

Chakra Birthing
We Will Take a Journey Through the Chakra System As It Relates to Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum

The second part consists of learning how the chakra system can prepare you for pregnancy, labor and postpartum by learning the following:

  • The essential energies of the chakras, how they support  pregnancy and giving birth
  • Greater confidence to make empowered birth choices
  • Tools to feel more prepared and balanced for birthing
  • Connection with new insights and spiritual awareness  for birth and beyond
  • How to strengthen the mother-baby bond
  • Relaxing meditations and visualizations
  • To feel ready for birthing and excited to welcome your baby!

You will leave with knowledge of how to resolve pregnancy, labor and postpartum issues.  You will have a renewed feeling of being empowered for your birth experience.

You will be able to use the information gained from this class moving forward and after you bring your new baby home.

Join Us!

All materials will be provided online at this time.  You will receive information about how your attunement will be given after enrollment.  Some of the materials will be mailed to you so please enter a mailing address if it is different than your card address.

Price = $67.50 - Because the environment for teaching has been changing, we are discounting the price.  Regular price is $225.  We want to support our families now more than ever and want to make it easier for that to happen.  Materials will be available on the 19th.- in your welcome letter you will receive two times that you can receive the attunement.  If either of those times are not good for you, we can make other arrangements.   You have the option for a one-time payment or two payments.  We hope you will be able to join us and we look forward to helping you have an empowered birth experience at this challenging time.

As a Bonus for Joining the Class You Will Receive:

My Birth Position Booklet
You will receive this booklet when you register for the c lass.  
2  and 4 Week Post-Class Follow-up
I will personally follow-up with each of you individually to see how you are doing and how you are integrating all your new information and protocols.
A Complimentary Session (either distance or in-person) 
We will schedule a follow-up session so you can experience an entire Reiki for Pregnancy Session.
An Essential Oil Sample
You will leave with an Essential Oil Sample that is suitable for use during your pregnancy for relieving stress and to help with sleep.
A Chakra Essential Oil Kit
You will receive  kit that includes an oil to be used with each individual chakra session.
A Journal for each Chakra Session as Well as a Meditation for each and an Affirmation for Each Chakra
Each section will have its own journal, meditation and affirmation so you can refer back at anytime.
Reiki Level I Booklet
You will receive a booklet with all the issues and hand positions for use during each trimester of pregnancy as well as for labor, delivery and postpartum care.
Birth Journal
You will receive your own birth journal that you can use to take notes as you use your Reiki and as you go along through each of the chakras.

The Pregnancy & Birth Coloring Book with Yoga Nidra  Booklet
 You will receive a booklet with more yoga nidra meditations as well as  beautiful coloring pages with positive words and           guided relaxations to support and enhance your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.  
Gratitude Journal
You will receive your own Gratitude Journal so you can record daily gratitudes.
A Book of Birth Affirmations
You will receive a book of Birth Affirmations that you can use daily.
Extra Meditation for Each Chakra
You will receive an extra booklet and MP3 recordings for each of the chakras..
You will receive all class information and your Positions Booklet after registration.
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